I’m Your Huckleberry – Ohio State wins, 45-7

We’re coming to you LIVE from 6,464 feet above sea level with the first game recap of the 2010 season! Ohio State was the tuberculosis to Marshall’s Doc Holliday (see what I did there?) and dominated from the opening kickoff, ultimately prevailing by a final score of 45-7.

Before the game I had predicted a final score somewhere around OSU 27, Marshall 20 because of all the crappy games the Buckeyes had thrown up to begin seasons past. I’m overjoyed to say that I was wrong. Horribly, embarrassingly wrong. There were a few problems, as I will discuss shortly, but overall I don’t see too many things that a Buckeye fan can really get too angry about.

ESPN boxscore

Total Offense: Ohio State – 529, Marshall 199

Turnovers : Marshall – 3, Ohio State – 0

Brandon Saine looked like a man possessed, kicking ass and taking initials (because he didn’t have time to take names) to the tune of 103 yards rushing on 9 carries in the first half. For someone who had pretty high expectations to start his career at Ohio State followed by a lowering of those expectations based on performance, it’s nice to see him looking like the franchise back many people thought he was capable of being.

TP looked very, very good, especially in the first half of the game. I can only think of one or two throws he made that made me want to throw up – a significant improvement over last year’s season opener. If he can continue to play like this for the rest of the season, I – for one – will be very happy, and I think the rest of you will be too.

Was it just me, or did Brian Rolle look like a mini-sized Usain Bolt on his second quarter TAINT (Touchdown After INT)? Who knew Mighty Mouse was so fast?

Jamaal Berry looked promising on the last drive of the game. It could be that Marshall was just ready to go home, but his play inspired those of us watching the game at 6464 Lounge and Sports Book to say “Holy Crap, that dude is f*&%ing fast!”

The special teams looked really, really bad – aside from the fumble force and recovery on the opening kickoff – in the first half. I will contend that Marshall’s one touchdown was pretty lucky. Had the blocked kick gone in ANY direction other than the one it did, we would be talking about the shutout Ohio State pitched tonight. Nevertheless, it was an ugly play that followed a partially blocked extra point, a breakdown in kickoff coverage, and an almost-shanked extra point.

The Buckeyes committed seven penalties – but the standard of fairness obliges me to point out that two of those were false starts by a true freshman during the final drive of the fourth quarter. Still, OSU’s at-least-five-year-long streak of having their starting left tackle commit at least one false start penalty still lives. Dammit.

I have to admit, I was quite the Negative Nancy going into this game. The Buckeyes, for whatever reason, have seemed to come out halfhearted in their opening game the last few years and I expected the 2010 edition to be more of the same. Don’t get me wrong, I still thought they’d win. I just thought it would be closer than most expected.

It may be the excessive amount of Miller Lite Home Draft I imbibed this evening, but I’m feeling decently about the season after tonight’s game. Hopefully the rest of you are too.


  1. Please god, don’t let that be the high point for our season…

  2. I cant imagine a better first game for us…. Offense and Defense were outstanding. Special Teams has some issues but nothing that cant be fixed. Please Coach Tressel no more complete 2nd team OLmen on 53 yrd FGAs.

    We definately got some answers to our questions. We have some questions we need answered like how do we make Saine our featured back without hurting BOOMs feelings. Also, Can Moeller please play more he was great.

  3. Here are couple thoughts I had:

    I really want to see what Berry can do running behind the #1 line. I really think he will be #2 on the depth chart by the end of the year, if not the starter.

    The defense played well but with all the drops Marshall receivers had, we never really got in a rythm. The weather also was’t conducive to great D-line play. It was frustrating to see some of the younger DB’s getting juked in the open field. Hines and Moeller exempted. They looked great.

  4. Berry in no way beats out a healthy Saine, El Kaiser…no way. But you are right, he needs to see the field…but all the backs played well and Berry early rushed it. When he slowed down and used his vision, he looked very good.

  5. Moeller was all over the filed! What a game and a great story. The D was dominate and they showed they are as FAST as any team in the nation. O was great too. I don’t see Berry passing a healthy SR Saine. He was running like a man last night. The TD run up the gut was one of the better runs of his career! Overall Sp Teams was ok. Like someone said up top, it can be fixed…Basil will be the full time kicker by years end, if not sooner.

  6. @maclaren – I know. Wishful thinking on my part. Saine is looking great and Herron and Hall have their place. I am just ready for Berry to live up to the Hype, and no better time than now.

    @Mike – Moeller was amazing. If he was my boy, I would have been nervous as all get-out until he made a couple tackles and everything looked normal. So awesome to see him back on the field.

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