Live Chat – Marshall vs. Ohio State

I didn’t have time to get the embedded code for this week’s chat, so you can head over to The Buckeye Battle Cry or use this thread for chatter for the Marshall game.


  1. Shut out is still alive!

  2. Will anyone from Marshall catch the ball?

  3. You can tell the Buckeyes are trying to not celebrate TDs in preparation for next years new rule that will cancel TDs when a player gets a celebration penalty.

    That FG attempt OL blocking was HORRIFIC.

  4. Awesome play by Tyler Moeller

  5. John Simon with a TFL to end the 1st qtr

  6. Simon is looking good so far.

  7. I am saying it now….. They need to stick with Saine. He is the best RB of the two. Move Boom to short yardage and goal line situations. Saine just reads the blocks better and has better speed.

  8. Buchannon needs to learn to flop better lol

  9. Tyler Moeller is playing great

  10. Stoneburner is going to be great

  11. I love Boom, but SYR is right, Saine needs to get the majority of the touches.

    Until we can see what Berry can do.

  12. Disappointed on that final drive. You have GOT to let those kids 3, 4 and 5 deep score!!! Seriously. Loved seeing Moeller bringing the hammer!

  13. Final thoughts…. Berry and Jordan Hall are very good. But I always liked Hall and now he wears no 7 so I like him even more lol.

    Tyler Moeller needs to play as much as possible.

    The DLine did not play very well nor did the LBs.

    Pryor has found something in his new delivery and thought process but I will trust him more if he does this again next week. He was a lot closer to 250 yards than most of you thought he would be.

    Special Teams SUCKS DONKEY BALLS…..

    No way Tressel lets people score late in the 4th qtr up by 38 sorry Jeff lol.

  14. Sorry to come so late to the party – it’s been a long night – but holy crap!

    I can’t believe they did so well! Normally (see OSU-Marshall, 2004; OSU-Navy 2009) they come out like idiots in game 1. Not this year.

    Hopefully my first game recap didn’t come off too stupid. You guys would tell me if it was, right?

  15. @Jeff – I have to agree with SYR, Tressel wasn’t about to score 52. Those kids will have plenty of chances. They are the future.

    @Bacon – Nah, we’ll let you flounder a couple times before we tell you it was stupid (it was great, btw).

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