Big Ten Divisions to be released today?

In one of the worst secrets ever kept since the one about el Kaiser likes to wear womens clothes in his “private time” multiple sources are leaking out info on the release of Big Ten Divisions today.

Here they are:

  • Losers Division
    • Michigan
    • Nebraska
    • Iowa
    • Michigan State
    • Northwestern
    • Minnesota
  • Winners Division
    • Ohio State
    • Penn State
    • Wisconsin
    • Purdue
    • Indiana
    • Illinois

Before everyone gets their panties in a tight wad there are pros and cons to this alignment and at least in private we MOTSAGers have discussed or fought over them since Nebraska announced they are joining the conference.

I know the vast majority of Buckeye fans are going to hate seeing this and expect THE GAME to be move and affected in a negative way. I hope everyone will at least look at the big picture of the good of the conference which I feel is just as important as our own team’s importance. We aren’t the Big 12 or MWC and every decision made is made for the betterment of every member institution and not just the best programs.

I can’t imagine OSU and scUM will be the last game of the year and then a possible rematch in the CCG but no schedule has been released yet so you never know. (Updated, see below)

Look at it this way and you can start to see why they split us this way. The last weekend of the regular season will include these games OSU vs PSU, scUM vs MSU, Indiana vs Purdue, Illinois vs Northwestern, Wisky vs Minnesota, and Iowa vs Nebraska…… That is a tremendous lineup of games that will make the B10 extremely relevant and important on the last week. It also sets up a OSU vs Nebraska or scUM Conference Championship Game every year with PSU getting to go once every 25 years or so.

Bottom line fellow Buckeye fans is when we decided to expand as a conference we all agreed to change. We have no idea if this is good or bad change for at least 4-5 years. I fully expect more changes and more expansion in those 4-5 years.

Stay calm and remember it doesnt really matter when THE GAME is or what division we are in. We just have to win every game we play and we will be OSU.


Just announced on Big Ten Network that tonight at 7 PM Commish Jim Delaney will announce live on the Big Ten Network the conference divisions.

Another Update:

According to ESPN Big Ten Blogger Adam Rittenberg:

Several signs point toward the Ohio State-Michigan game remaining on the final Saturday of the regular season. We’ll know for sure tonight, as athletic directors Gene Smith (Ohio State) and Dave Brandon (Michigan) will appear on the Big Ten Network’s announcement show.

The Dispatch is reporting that 97.1 FM radio station is reporting that THE GAME will remain as the last game of the season


I cant confirm with a link but rumors are flying that only Divisional games will count toward going to the CCG.


  1. So every year OSU plays Michigan while the other teams against which we’re competing for a conference championship game appearance are playing….someone that (in theory) won’t be as good as Michigan. Sounds fair.

    And all this “when we agreed to expand” talk is crap, and you know it. None of us agreed to this, so we can complain if we want. Once again (just like with talk of expanding the NCAA tourney), people just can’t leave their paws off a good thing.

  2. @Greg when I say us I guess I should have said the schools.

    I fully expect 95% of the fans to agree with you and be extremely angry. I also dont think it matters to the Big Wigs.

  3. Honestly if these things are all true it couldnt possibly be any better for tOSU in my eyes. This is incredible if it all unfolds this way.

  4. It is official all these things are true so far… OSU and scUM in separate divisions and on the last weekend of the season woohoo… win

  5. Man I hope UofM never gets good enough to play in a Big Ten Championship Game…

  6. Another tidbit of info…. we Have Nebraska in both 2011 and 2012….Also for the PSU haters on here and I know who you are…. they got screwed and have to play @ OSU this year and @ OSU next year too lol.

  7. Red Devil EA says

    I like it. Iowa gets screwed in that their protected “rival” is Purdue. Nebraska’s first 2 seasons include Ohio State, Michigan, Penn State, Iowa and Wisconsin. Welcome to the Big Ten, Huskers!!

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