Tressel Ball = Special Teams [2010 Season Preview]

This is where Tressel earns his paychecks as a coach. You can not have Tressel Ball without having good Special Teams. Last year was a mediocre season at best for tOSU in this area. We relied on a guy who couldn’t stay out of the doghouse and dropped balls like hot potatoes. Needless to say, Ray Small, I will not miss you as a PR/KR and will remember you most for getting knocked the crap out against Wisconsin two years ago.

Now onto this years preview of our kickers, punters and return guys.

Place Kickers/Field Goal Kickers

Devin Barclay

This guy is a former MLS player turned college football Kicker. At 5’10” and 204 pounds he has good size and is able to help cover on kickoffs. He is a little shaky on the long FG attempts and has very little experience. He has age on his side at 26 years old and with experience playing professional soccer it should help calm his nerves. If it doesn’t, he will be pushed by the next guy on the list.

His 2009 statistics were: 7-10 on FG with a long of 39 yards. 26 KO’s for an avg of 64.8 yards and 4 touchbacks.

Drew Basil

A true freshman a few months removed from high school, there is one thing this kid isn’t lacking: SIZE. He is 6’2″ and 210 lbs out of Chillicothe, Ohio. Rumors out of camp have him making up ground on Barclay quickly and if Barclay stumbles he will be moved into the starting spot soon. Look for a few more FG contests to decide the starter.


Ben Buchanan

This sophomore has the job locked up and won’t be losing it anytime soon as the depth here is limited this year. He is listed at 6′ 195 lbs out of Westerville, Ohio. He better have a big leg and accuracy to keep Tressel Ball on track this year. Hopefully we will see a lot of kicks downed inside the 20.

His 2009 statistics were: 4 punts with a 42.8 avg and long of 55 yards.

Kick Returners

This area of team is decided and not much info to share as the two return guys are well Boom and Zoom. Brandon Saine and Dan “Boom” Herron are listed as 1 and 2 KR on the depth chart.

Punt Returners

Like the aforementioned KR’s these two guys are well known for being able to catch balls and run fast with them. DeVier Posey and Dane Sanzenbacher are PR 1 and PR 2. Hopefully they will have much more success than last years PR. We need a Ted Ginn Jr. type of guy back there fielding punts and I think Posey fits that nicely.


  1. Red Devil EA says

    So, our #1 and #2 running backs will take turns with our #1 and #2 receivers running head-on into 11 guys trying to break their backs? Screw it, why not?

  2. @Red Devil EA – We’ve got plenty of them to go around, so why not put them in the worst possible situation five or six times a game?

  3. I am a firm believer you always have your best players on the field for every play possible.

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