Ohio State recruit on ESPN tonight

If you are interested in watching Terrelle Pryor’s replacement in waiting. Tonight at 7 PM on ESPN8 The Ocho errrrr ESPNU you can see Braxton Miller of Huber Heights Wayne play against Powerhouse Cincinnati Moeller. It is a good chance to see this future Buckeye QB play against some top notch HS football talent and on national TV. If nothing else it gives us some football to watch while we wait these last 4 days before KICKOFF. I hope to watch the game and share some of my thoughts and his stats during the game.


  1. If you squint just enough it looks like a scUM player chasing a Buckeye running for a TD.

  2. Yeah it does but it’s actually a Centerville Elk…

  3. This kid is good real good…. 75 yard TD run was very impressive.

  4. Already has 130 yards rushing on 5 carries to go along with 2 TDs

  5. Halftime Report….

    He has about 200 yrds rushing and 3 TDs…. has about 50 yards passing and 1 INT.

    It seems to me this kid is the real deal. He is 6’3″ and 200 pounds and has OSU tattoed on his chest lol. His arm is strong and he seems to have much better touch on his passes and makes good decisions. His INT was a bad decision. He is agile and mobile and fast as heck running the 40 in 4.47 range. He is clearly his teams 1st 2nd and 3rd offensive options.

    Score 28-14 in favor of HH Wayne.

  6. Braxton is 6’1″ at best and no line in front of him in 2nd half. I think Moeller is decent. I think the offensive line at tOSU will make this kid great. His receivers made some great catches. Seemed to manage the game decently and looks like a public school just didn’t have the depth of Moeller.

  7. Wayne was out coached and out played in every position but one.

    It’ll be fun to watch Miller with great coaches and players surrounding him.

  8. @ akayak65 every reputable website has Braxton at 6’3″ and 200 pounds as it seems he has had a growth spurt since last football season. Which isnt unusual for high school kids. He is still a growing boy.

    @johnny Utah I agree Wayne HS is a 1 player program and their coaches blow. No way Wayne should have lost the game. Although the RB from Moeller was stout and awesome. I imagine his stock just rose a ton. Prob a good safety or LB in college too small and pale to be a good RB.

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