Big news on the depth chart.

So as camp is coming to a close there were several depth chart moves made some surprising and some were expected due to injuries and rumors.

First, the surprise move. Sophomore C.J Burnett has been named the starting Strong Safety. He has beat out Orhian Johnson who is having injury issues and is now listed as the back up to Burnett.

Second, Andrew Sweat has taken the starting Strong Side Linebacker with Jonathan Newsome as his back up. Ettiene Sabino who was suppose to be that starter has moved to Middle Linebacker where he will back up Brian Rolle along with Storm Klein.

Third, Nate Williams who has been out 2 weeks with a knee injury is listed as a starter at Defensive End. He will be backed up by Soloman Thomas. Hopefully Williams will be ready to play by Thursday we need every DL we can get.

Fourth, As I predicted Drew Basil has supplanted Devin Barclay as the starting kicker. I dont think Tressel ever really had trust in Barclay and Basil has the much bigger leg for those long FGA he loves to try. Lets hope he has accuracy as well.

Lastly, a few True Freshman made the 2 deep chart. On Defense, Jonathan “Big Hank” Hankins at 335 pounds will back up Dexter Lattimore and I bet see a lot of time against the run with his wide load. Christian Bryant will back up Tyler Moeller at Nickel Back and will also back up Jermale Hines with Moeller. On Offense, Andrew Norwell will be the back up at right tackle. Corey Brown will help backup the No. 2 WR with Chris Fields to Dane Sanzenbacher.


  1. I am most excited about Big Hank. 335 pounds of mass clogging up the middle next to the incredible bulk Johnny Simon.

    Christian Bryant continues the flow of the Glenville pipeline, so we’ll see what he’s got.

    Thursday can’t get here soon enough.

  2. I saw Big Hank in practice and he looks closer to 400 than 335 if you ask me….. he is going to be a beast of a run stopper.

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