Cornelius Greene days left

Mr. Greene was a trend setter and made it possible for players like Troy Smith and Terelle Pryor to not only start but succeed at Ohio State. He was Ohio States first ever African American starting QB in its history.

He was the starter for 3 years compiling a record of 31-3-1 and he was the Rose Bowl MVP in 1974 and Big Ten MVP in 1975. He also was a part of 4 Big Ten Titles and 4 Rose Bowl Rings. In 1975 he even beat out his teammate and 2 time Heisman Trophy winner Archie Griffin to win OSU MVP and Big Ten MVP. He changed the way OSU recruited and played the QB position. In 1998 he was inducted into the Ohio State Athletics Hall of Fame. He may be most well known though for wearing Red Shoes and being a fashion guru on the gridiron. Simply put he is an OSU icon and someone all the younger Buckeye fans should learn more about.

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