Former Ohio State All-American joins Big Ten Network

LeCharles Bentley is a famous former Offensive Lineman at OSU and he was a beast but maybe he is best remembered for his 2 lawsuits. First, while at OSU he pulled a Mike Tyson on Tyson Walters face and knocked him the crap out lol. Tyson sued LeCharles and won 6 grand + medical expenses but lost his manhood in doing so. Now LeCharles is suing the Cleveland Browns for a staph infection he recieved while part of that team.

Mr. Bentley is a Manimal and I cant wait to see how he does hosting his own show. Bentley will co-host the Big Ten Pulse (debuts Sept. 9, airing Thursdays, 9 PM ET). he is just one of a lot of former Big Ten players that the BTN has recently hired to do shows and games on the network. It is apparent that this network is doing well and is going to continue to rise in ratings and fans myself included.


  1. I’m sure his commentary will be top-notch, too bad I don’t receive BTN. I hope that LCB doesn’t take me to court.

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