Buckeyes #2 in AP Preseason Poll

Is anyone else a little relieved that they’re not #1? Not that we expected them to be. It just seems that outside of USC during the Reggie Bu$h years, the top preseason ranking hasn’t meant much at the end of the year.



  1. either way it doesn’t matter. If we play down like we tend to do, we will drop off like players from Rich Rods rosters. Need to put our foot on the throat this year, and keep it there!

  2. If OSU is still ranked #2 after Miami I’ll be happy, but right now…it means nothing.

  3. They’re not #1 but there were at least a couple voters who thought they should be. I would like to know who they were and they’re reasoning.

    I’m perfectly happy to start and finish 2010 as #2.

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