Craig Krenzel days left

Here we have the perfect example of a Jim Tressel player. Mr. Krenzel is a native from TSUN and he came to Ohio State to get a great education and to win games. He did both with pizazz. Mr. Krenzel is and will forever be known as the guy who brought us a NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP back to tOSU. He wasn’t flashy. He didnt’ like being a star or strive for it. He simply went out to every game with the intention of leading the Buckeyes to victory. He was 24-3 as a starter.

So I leave you with this thought.

We dont give a dang for the whole State of Michigan. But thanks for giving us Craig “Special K” Krenzel.


  1. Hey, did you know he was a molecular biology genetics DNA brain wizard?

  2. and Tim Anderson is a High School Wrestling Champ lol

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