2010 Season Preview Video Throwdown (Video #5)

We’re still working on our Linebacker preview, so in the meantime, here’s video #5 for your preview consideration, coming from YouTube user lednerk:

Hit the jump for the video.

This is my kind of preview: nothing but defense. Please note that some of the accompanying songs feature some rather Not Safe For Work lyrics. FYI.

Also please note that some of the clips are Not Safe for Running or Quarter Backs.

Okay, fine, fine. Lednerk also has two offensive preview (part one, part two (NSFWish)) but I’m just linking them. You can go watch them if you want. I’d rather just watch some D. Some good music choices here (The Crystal Method, Fatboy Slim) and some head scratchers, but these are some well done previews.


  1. Loved the video…

    The OSU defense is always the heart and soul of the team.

    I also loved Chris Rocks usage of the “N” word. It was haunting as well as thought provoking and had layer upon layer of deep, yet subtle meanings.

  2. Yeah, the Chris Rock voice-overs add just that little je ne sais quoi that just makes the song (and video) complete.


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