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Dispatch: Special Teams’ Flaws Were Evident in ’09
The Ozone: Kick Coverage Teams a Major Focus This Offseason

Two stories published a day apart dealing with the same issue: the Buckeyes’ subpar performance on kick and punt coverage last season. It’s something I occasionally noticed last season but didn’t really think of as a trend. I bet that irritates Tressel to no end, given his emphasis on special teams.

AP: Pryor restraint: no more eyeblack messages

I thought the whole thing with TP and his interview regarding the pro-Vick message on his eyeblack last season was a little overblown. People seemed surprised that a 20 year-old kid said something [really] stupid. I’ll tell you this: I say stupid stuff all the time and I’m 32.

Off Tackle Empire: If History is Any Indication, Michigan Will Be Back Shortly

Having come of age during the Cooper years, I’d just as soon they take their time. Even with the (what I consider to be) apocalyptic lead, it’s an interesting look into the historical performance of some of the major players in college football over the years.

Orlando Sentinel: Ohio State teammate on Terrelle Pryor: “He was kind of a punk.”

We’ve read about this for a few days now, but most people have been focusing on TP’s statement that he looks forward to being around for all four years. The Orlando Sentinel decided to lead with something a little more … provocative.

ESPN: Jemele Hill Calls Someone a Hypocrite

That’s not the title of the article but they’d probably save their editors some time by just titling everything she wrote this way. I love to see anyone pointing out that Nick Saban and Urban Meyer are big fat liars, but personally, it’s hard to read anything Jemele Hill writes without firmly coming down on the opposite side of whatever it is she’s discussing.

Herald-Dispatch: Anderson wins QB derby

Initial thought – if you don’t know who your starter is at quarterback until less than three weeks before the season begins, you are in trouble. Second thought – I probably was similarly confident back in ’05. You know, right before it took a 95-yard Mike Nugent field goal as time expired to beat the Herd.


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  2. Welcome aboard and dont worry the edits will happen on every post for the rest of your time here lol or maybe that is just my style lol.

  3. Usually I catch stuff before I post them. This time it took until it popped up on my RSS feed for me to see where I screwed it up. Oops.

  4. A little behind here, but great first post BN.

    After watching the Rose Bowl a bunch of times, it’s amazing how badly we were on kick coverages. We could have held them under 17 if we actually covered our kick offs.

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