Nate Salley days left

What is there to say? Nate was a beast at tOSU. During his time at Ohio State, Mr. Salley was an All Big Ten Selection and an All Academic Big Ten Selection and a Team Captain. He started 33 games in his career on the football team but he also suited up for 10 games for the Men’s Basketball team during his career as well. Mr. Salley is another great example of a True Buckeye we can be proud of. I can’t believe we are only three weeks away from kickoff. O-H


  1. Steve Fung says

    Nate Salley’s block on David Bass during the Michigan game is one of my all time favorite plays.

  2. I-O.
    Whoo boy, sneking up on opening day (or night, if you prefer).

  3. i see u out their rocks ant no stopin wat u post ta do lol

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