2010 Season Preview Video Throwdown (Video #2)

The next entry in the Season Hype video comes from Manny in Marysville (YT user mannycincy)

See the video after the jump.

Bonus points for two things I left out of my hype video anatomy post: Shots of TBDBITL and of Woody Hayes.


  1. MARYSVILLE REPRESENT!!! class of 02, haha

  2. Only one problem at the very end: Our season starts on the 2nd, not the 4th.

  3. You got that right ….The ville had to join this MOTSAG party!

  4. your right I forgot they moved that game up to thursday night …good call

  5. Thursday night buckeye game, friday night drive to vegas. hell yeah.


  1. […] but not least, Men of the Scarlet and Gray is running a series of season preview videos.  Those should take the edge off the need-for-football […]

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