Update on OSU player with best hair ever…..

It seems as though Quinn Pitcock has resurfaced back in the NFL. He abruptly retired 2 years ago from the Colts after what was the start to a good NFL career at age 24. It seems Mr. Pitcock suffered from some minor mental issues. Today he showed up at Seatle Seahawks training camp.

I for one hope he has finds peace in his mind and gets to play for many years to come.


  1. Have any source for the mental issues, or are you just making “stuff” up?

  2. @njc – you could, you know, click the link. The details are right there.

  3. Video game addiction, there’s an article over on kotaku about it.

    Quinn’s a nice guy, had bunch of classes with him and we were neighbors back in 06/07 at arbors of watermark near grandview. glad to hear he got another shot. hope he makes the best of it.

  4. He suffers from Depression and Video Game addictions…..

    I chose not to mention it specifically because a few of us here are suffering from at least one of those addictions errrrr mental health issues lol

  5. @njc- Let it be known I edited your response njc to change the word to stuff from your choice of a feces nickname.

    You can talk like a SEC fan anywere you want except on my posts as I cant be asked to read that kind of “stuff”

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