2010 Season Preview Video Throwdown (Video #1)

We’ll start of the throwdown with an eight minute offering from YT user AKTNSMSR:

Video after the jump.

While it’s on the long side, it does get points for fist-pumping Tressel and only featuring players that will actually be playing this year. Music: original. Nice mix of offense and defense. Could have used a little more from the Rose Bowl Game.

(Please note that after the next video goes live, the previous video will be hidden below the fold so we don’t clutter the front page with YouTube overdose)


  1. “and only featuring players that will actually be playing this year”

    cept for the Duron catch against IU, unless we’re counting that for a TP highlight

  2. He’ll be playing this year, just not for the Buckeyes 🙂

    And yes, we’ll chalk that up for a Pryor highlight.

  3. i’m sure you’ve read his recent tweet that has people saying wtf….


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