Recruiting Rules are Confusing

This is the last Seantrel Henderson post, I promise (at least until we’re all laughing and how badly Cameron Heyward drank his milkshake).

Yesterday, the Plain Dealer reported that, “The Buckeyes’ chase of the highly-rated recruit led to the school reporting four secondary NCAA violations, most of which had nothing to do with the OSU coaching staff.”

If it had nothing to do with the coaching staff (aka the people actually doing the recruiting), then what’s the problem here? Contact from current and former players is a no-no. Three of the four violations were current and former players “recruiting” Seantrel.

I’m not current on all the rules and regulations (I probably should be, by the by), but those rules seem antiquated. With all the technologies available to high school and college athletes (Twitter, Facebook), shouldn’t we reexamine what the rules are? Maybe simplify them a bit? And why can’t current (or former) players help in the recruitment of other athletes? Are you telling me that Cris Carter had nothing to do with his son Duron choosing Ohio State?


(And with that, we’re done with this Seantrel nonsense. Time to get back to the Buckeyes)


  1. I was right with you until the end. All your points have value, except for the last questiona about Chris Carter being involved with his son’s recruitment. Being a dad trumps being an ex-player all day every day. Now, if dad could just get him to go to class…

    Here’s hoping those classes to get you over your Seantrell addiction start working soon.

  2. @Craig56 – I agree whole heartedly with you — being a Dad trumps all. I find know issue with Cris “recruiting” his son. But the letter of the law says No. These rules are in need of a change.

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