Everyone likes a good redemption story…

Former Denver Broncos running back [HWSNBN] has been re-enrolled at OSU’s College of Education and Human Ecology to finish his degree.

Naturally, some insecure Wolverine fans are reeeeaallly stretchiinnng to try and put a negative spin on this.

Short memories aside, some folks seem to forget that what transpired with the [HWSNBN] situation is a pristine example of exactly how a university is supposed to act when encountered with that situation. At the first hint of impropriety, the player was sidelined, then suspended a few days later, then kicked off the team and out of the school. In fact, some of these actions occurred before definitive proof existed, making it seem unduly harsh at the time.

Viewing these actions in the context of the USC fiasco should increase the respect for how Andy Geiger, Jim Tressel, and the OSU administration handled the situation. History shows that kicking him out of the school likely cost OSU at least a shot at the 2003 title game; a risk they were willing to take.

Remember, he was kicked out for making a false police report. It wasn’t until years later that [HWSNBN] decided to ignore Kirk Lazarus’ advice, validating Geiger’s and Tressel’s prescient actions of several years prior.

Finally, consider how, uh… “interesting” it is that he returned to the same school that only a few years ago he was trying to throw under the bus. It’s an indication of how suspiciously one should view his earlier allegations (if any doubt still existed after the NCAA found them unsubstantiated, that is).

It’s a good thing when people get out of prison and try to finish their studies, let’s wish him well. And hope that he finds work with the Broncos again.

In the meantime, why not amuse yourself with this very relevant walk down MotSaG memory lane.


  1. Well said! I’ve often said that Tressel’s best work was done when he handled Clarett BEFORE things got out of hand.

    It’s proof that coaches DO know what their kids are up to when they get into trouble.

  2. @Jeff – makes you think all the times we fans (and I do include myself) kneejerk react about something usually turns out for the best (Purdue game not withstanding).

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