A Fresh Start for Mount Vernon

It may seem like I spend an inordinate amount of time obsessing over Vernon Gholston’s career but I feel a certain investment in it, especially after prominently (and quite honestly, creepily) featuring his genetically superior physique while he was at Ohio State and possibly over-hyping his performances at any chance. Fans do weird things.

I mentioned a little while ago about the path his current career is taking and the outlook wasn’t particularly rosy.

But maybe now, things are actually looking up for everyone’s favorite gun show. The Jets will be making some changes to their expectations of the 2008 #6 overall draft pick. They could have cut him, effectively labeling him a bust or they could restructure his contract, load it with incentive clauses, and try to make it work.

It looks like that this really will be a make-or-break season for Vernon, who will be moved from outside linebacker to defensive end, a position he should be more comfortable in and as a player, is built for.

Let’s hope it works.

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