NFL Draft/Cavs v. Bulls/Spring Game Open Thread

It’s been a while since we’ve had an open thread around these parts, and with all the sports-related action going on, I thought it would be great to throw up an open thread and hear from you guys.

I know most mock drafts don’t have Thaddues Maximus going very high (read: tonight) but some of us are Browns fans interested in seeing who goes where. I also know you guys are fans of other teams, as well. Who would you like to see your team pick up? Where would you like this year’s crop of Buckeyes to go?

While all of this is going on, the Cleveland Cavs will be busy stomping on the likes of Joakim Noah and the Chicago Bulls tonight and finishing them off Sunday afternoon. Should be smooth sailing for the Cavs until the Eastern Conference Finals. I haven’t mentioned the Cavs a lot this season but it has been a lot of fun watching LeBron all season long, and here’s to hoping it continues.

And let’s not forget about the crowning jewel of this weekend’s sporting extravaganza — the Ohio State Football Spring Game. Teams were drafted yesterday and the showdown begins at 1:30 on Saturday in the ‘Shoe. The Big Ten Network will be airing it live and ninety-thousand plus will be on hand to witness the next step for this year’s crew. Are you going?

Update: – The Cavs game didn’t exactly turn out well, but I’m not too worried at this point. They were down 21 and were one 40 foot shot from winning. On a game where everyone but LeBron had a bad game, this is just fine. It’s good to get everyone’s “bad game” out all at once.

As for the Browns, I think Haden is a solid pick. I would have liked to see them steal Berry, but so far the Browns haven’t screwed this draft up yet. But they still have time.

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