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The Buckeyes had some “extra help” with stopping the Oregon Ducks’ offense when the two teams met in the Rose Bowl. At least some people are convincing themselves that this actually happened.

Of course, this is all being embellished (and possibly taken out of context) by John Hunt, of (h/t Adam Rittenberg):

“There were a couple times last year when we kind of felt like our signals were, maybe, compromised,’’ offensive coordinator Mark Helfrich said.

Now, I’m just saying, if we take Helfrich’s comments at face value (which is all we can do, really) then I’m inclined to say that he isn’t referring to the Buckeyes. He specifically states “a couple times last year,” which would imply games during the regular season. Which logically should eliminate the Buckeyes as suspects, seeing how they played this year, not last.

And, as other have mentioned, stealing signals is one thing. Punting a fumble out of the endzone is another. If LeGarrette “Falcon Punch” Blount and Jeremiah Mac-soli had made a few more plays that fateful New Year’s Day, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

Some writers (I’m looking at you, Dan Le Batard) just can’t let things go.


  1. Far be it from Dan LeBatard to admit that tOSU’s defense was much, much better than anything the Ducks had seen in the PAC10.

  2. @Ken – When I refer to Le Batard, I’m hearkening back to the days when he couldn’t take the fact that OSU beat Miami in 2002. The article I linked here is John Hunt.

    In the end, they’re one and the same 🙂


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  2. […] Ohio State ‘stealing’ Oregon’s signals in the Rose Bowl. Other folks have reported on this as […]

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