News Roundup

You’d think we were in the middle of the season with all the Buckeye football news going on. With the busy schedule, there isn’t time to comment on everything, but here are a few links worth checking out.

  • First off is news that Coach Tressel’s contract has been extended through 2014. This news brings up a couple interesting thoughts. Tressel has said that he doesn’t want to coach into old age. At the end of the 2014 season, he’ll be 62. Not exactly an old fart, but it’s getting up there. There’s also a clause in his contract that would ease him into the Athletic Department at Ohio State, which would be an obvious fit for a person of Tressel’s character.

    So that brings up a few thoughts: How will this affect recruiting going forward? This incoming class could potentially be the last one Tressel sees to the end. Will someone be in place to point to as the future of Ohio State Football (a la Will Muschamp at Texas)? Maybe someone like Luke Fickel? And if not Fickel, who replaces Tressel? Bo Pelini? Urban Meyer? Mark Dantonio? Who would you be in your top 3?

  • Speaking of recruiting, the Buckeyes have already received five early commits for the 2011 recruiting class. No big names to speak of yet, but with three offensive linemen, we can see what direction that effort is headed. Head over to Our Honor Defend and keep scrolling for excellent recruiting coverage. We need to get Vico on the payroll over here at MotSaG.
  • The NCAA Tournament is right around the corner, and Ohio State meets UC Santa Barbara in the first round Friday Night. Eleven Warriors has a quick look at the statistical match-up. This will be the start to an interesting tournament run for the Buckeyes. Some people are giving them more of a chance than others, but it’s not going to be an easy road. I’ll be happy with a sweet sixteen appearance. That’s as far as Obama has them.
  • It’s never to early to start scheduling your viewing plans for Saturdays in the fall. No better way to do that than with this excellent site (h/t EDSBS)

There’s never time to rest in Buckeye Land.

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