Big Ten Champs!

Congratulations to the 2009-2010 (how would you say that? “Two-thousand nine, twenty ten”?) Ohio State Men’s Basketball team for winning the regular season Big Ten Title.

The basketball coverage around these parts has been sparse this year, due to a lack of time and definitely not a lack of interest. This season has been a treat to watch Evan Turner develop into (according to ESPN College BB analysts) the consensus National Player of the Year.

Just yesterday, Slyvester Yon-Rambo and I where discussing were ET fits in the pantheon of OSU Basketball Greats. Right now, I would rank him #3, behind John Havlicek and Jimmy Jackson. Evan’s performance in the Tournament will determine his final ceiling. If he takes this team deep into the tournament this year, he’s #2. (JJ had a better team but never made a real run in March). If (and that’s a pretty huge if) he comes back next year, averages nearly a triple-double again and leads the Buckeyes to the Final Four, we may have to rank him #1. He would certainly will have been the best player my generation has ever seen play.

So congrats again to the Buckeyes, good luck in the Big Ten Tournament and finally in the NCAA Tournament.


  1. You are forgetting the greatest college basketball player to ever wear the scarlet and grey. Jerry Lucas.

  2. Sylvester Yon-Rambo says

    Several things to note…..

    JJ took us to the elite 8 where his team lost to scUM I do believe.

    I would rank top 5 as

    1. JJ

    1A. ET

    1B. Havlicek

    1C. Mike Redd

    1D. Jerry Lucas

    I dont think any of those players deserve to be ranked 2nd or worse.

    On a side note lets not forget to say congrats to Mens swimming and diving teams and Womens Bball teams who also won Big 10 championships.

    Only 3 times has 1 school won Big 10 titles in Football MBball and WBball in the same year……

    and it was The Ohio State University all 3 times woohoo.

    Which I think will lead to a debate soon amoungst us all if it is good or bad that one school is constantly winning all the league titles. More on this topic soon to come…….

  3. @chris – I wouldn’t leave him off the list. He’d be at #4 behind ET. Followed up by Michael Redd at #5.

    @SYR – my point exactly about JJ. Had he beat UM (that was the Fab Five’s first year, right?) he would have cemented himself as #1 hands down. I know Havlicek won a championship but JJ was amazing.

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