Caption this!

I’m currently working on a post about the recruiting haul, so in the meantime, let’s caption this picture of Senator Tressel visiting with super-recruit Seantrel Henderson.


  1. Pappy Henderson…I know that you are not listening to a word I am saying so I could pretty much say whatever I want…like “Rap Sucks”…or your career as a rapper may amount to Eazy-E’s, but without the fame, money, or LA Raiders hats. I’m just sayin’

  2. Sylvester Yon-Rambo says

    Heres hoping USC gets destroyed by the NCAA and Seantrel comes to OSU…..

  3. I look good. We won’t get a good class and this guy next to me will probably go to a team with a brand new coach that has never had a winner season, but I look good.

  4. So you really think the Catholic priest looked is even more conservative than the sweater vest? huh…

  5. “So, Seantrel, the way I see it is like this: if you’re not sure come signing day, just commit to USC. That’ll give you another month to decide ‘for real’ where you’re gonna go, since you won’t be signing any papers until the NCAA rules in late February. And folks won’t understand that it’s all about you holding off on your final decision while leaving your OSU options open. Oh, and you do know about our Buckeye Leaves, right?…”

  6. Kurt Nordquest says

    “And so now you see why the punt is the most important play in football…”

  7. Son, if you go to USC, you’ll probably catch some STD from one of those song girls and your dick will fall off. Do you really want that?

  8. You see, folks, that’s the thing about Rich. After coaching at West Virginia, four fingers isn’t enough. You’ve got to spreeeaaad ’em out once they’re in there.

  9. So, Mrs. H, I gotta ask, is that a phallic symbol on your painting here or what?

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