Troy Smith loves Cleveland

And Cleveland loves you, Troy!

It’s no secret we have a special place in our hearts for Troy Smith and most of us are pretty bummed out that he hasn’t had a chance to show his stuff in the NFL. One little medical condition is what stands between Troy Smith starting for the Baltimore Ravens in 2008 and riding the pine except for some rare occasions. And while we feel no ill-will toward Joe Flacco (other than those awful Delaware helmets) we’d really like to see Troy Smith on the field. So we are all patitently waiting for Troy’s turn.

A couple things have happened this past week that have rekindled hope in a rebirth of Troy in 2010:

I watched last week as Donte Whitner lobbied for the Buffalo Bills to take a chance on Troy Smith as their QB. It’s good to know fellow Buckeyes look out for each other.

Recently Troy was Mark “Munch” Bishop’s radio show expressing a desire for a shot with Cleveland.

Needless to say, I’m okay with either of these things happening, but I’d rather see Troy return home to Cleveland (and yes, I know we’ve been down this road before). As a Browns fan, I am on Team Brady (that’s the correct Twilight terminology, right?) but I would switch allegiances to Team Troy if he were given a chance. In a heartbeat.


  1. As a native Ohioian living in Buffalo, I’d love to see Troy hook up with teh Browns, or as an alternative, with teh Bills.

  2. Yeah he should be a Brownie!

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