I don’t know about you

But this business of playing on a Thursday night doesn’t feel right. Call me a football snob or purist, but I almost feel that playing Thursday nights is beneath Ohio State.


  1. I agree. It seems like we are in the MAC/WAC/etc. If it’s on BTN, it’s not like there will be a lot of exposure, but then probably not a whole lot of folks outside of Ohio would really care about this game.

  2. Sylvester Yon-Rambo says

    I see it this way ….. I will get to watch my team play a game 2 days sooner than any other teams fans.

    I am a fan of this decision. Plus a few extra days to prepare for Miami doesnt hurt either.

  3. @Ken – I would bet it will be on ESPN. But Thursday night games were originally for smaller conferences like the ones you mention get some national exposure. Pretty sure OSU doesn’t need any extra exposure.

    @SYR – Good point on getting to have a game earlier than normal. I guess that’s the only way I could stomach this change — the first week can’t get here soon enough.

  4. el Kaiser; Good point about OSU and ‘exposure’, chalk my comment up to sloppy wording on my part. If the game is televised on ESPN, fine. Here in the CFB hinterlands of western NY, my opportunities to watch the Buckeyes are far more limited than if I were back in Ohio.

  5. RedDevilEA says

    If it were in the middle of the season then yeah, I’d be against it. But look at it this way: Even though we don’t think Ohio State needs any gimmicky Thursday night game to increase exposure, it’s actually a great way to parlay some momentum from the Rose Bowl in a run at the NC. I think it’s a great way to make sure that everyone sees Ohio State’s return to the top in prime time. It will also get people excited about the Miami game before the rest of the league even plays their first game. That being said, if the Buckeyes come out rusty as they have been wont to do as of late, it could totally backfire. In the end, I think the reward outweighs the risk.

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