BUCKEYES are the Rose Bowl CHAMPS

OSU 26 Oregon 17

Jake Ballard is the new Bill Brasky. Goes about 8 foot, 400.


  1. Great way to start 2010. Happy New Year to all the MOTSAG dudes.

  2. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy new year to us all!

  3. But does he have JakeBallardCam?

  4. I once saw Jake Ballard bring down a bear using only a rubber band and a toothpick.

  5. Jake Ballard is the anti-Ryan Hamby.

  6. Finally good to see Tressell let his team play 2000 type football. Way to go bucks and thank you Jake Ballard for probably making the play of the game that insured the win!! Let’s hope Pryor can improve and really become an accomplished quarterback who can also run.

  7. Frank Ruiz says

    Maybe Tressel finally listened to the fan base and realized he had to stop with the crap play callin’. We can all pat our backs for the $hit we’ve thrown at him these past months, it’s finally paying off at least for this Bowl. Tressel finally listened to those with the “miserable lives.” FG Jimmy finally even went for it on fourth down amazing how many Bowl losses it took for him to get a clue. Kudos to the real heros Jake Ballard catching a prayer and Saine’s insane tightrope act.

  8. Jake Ballard once punched a hole in a defensive end’s stomach just to see how the other team’s DBs were lined up.

  9. Like an alligator, Jake Ballard can fully digest a TURTLE SHELL…

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