Trash-Talking Youtube Videos with Misspellings and Terrible Music Get Their Own Posts this Bowl Season

OSU FootballSeriously…how could I not let this gem speak for itself.

Terrible Music. I am still in disbelief that anyone from Oregon can have this bad of taste in music even in a trash-talking expose…

Spelling. There is an ‘e’ at the end of Purdue. At least, I am pretty sure that there is one…

Oregon fans…Creativity FAIL….

And I actually like Oregon…jeebus…please tell me this guy is from Eastern Oregon…at least that would make some sense.

Good luck on New Year’s Day!



  1. I would add a correction to that video. OSU’s record against its last 2 top ten opponents is 2-0.

    Just for the record.

  2. This is too funny. Aside from the ‘e’ /Purdue screw-up, they also omitted (I hope) the ‘s’ at the end of “Illinois”. Maybe they were taught to spell ‘fonetickly’ in Oreygonn.

    Of the numerous teams highlighted in the trash-talk video, we won most of them; you know, like Navy, Wisky, Iowa, Michigan. Jeebus, they can’t even get that right.

  3. I think it is sad emo music for the sad emo tackling. Just a guess.

  4. It is pretty obvious that the guy/gal who made the video didn’t pay attention to how Microsoft Movie Maker cut off the extra characters on some of the titles on the newspaper.

    Yeah that music is aweful when you compare it to the gangster (c)rap that all the Ohio State videos have on them.

  5. the hideous music chosen for this ‘highlight reel’ is supposed to be hideous to coincide wish OSU’s play. get it? doesn’t take a genius. pretty sure it was planned that way.

  6. This wasnt a relative comparison between OSU and Oregon videos…

    The video (and the music in it) is awful all on its own.

    btw…A better candidate for sad emo tackling would be the Stanford-Oregon game. I think Gerhart just ripped off another 20-yard run.

    Again, it is amazing the ‘stink’ that a nice offense can mask. Dont let the stats fool you. Oregon’s defensive success is a direct correlation of its offensive potentness. Get up early and teams get single-dimensional (ie passing). A heckuva lot easier to play pass defense the whole game when you know what’s coming…I’m just sayin’…

  7. @Ken: It’s pronounced O-R-Y-G-U-N…

  8. YNBA –

    I think Gerhart torched every team this year, including USC, as the nation’s best running back. You should be more concerned with LaMichael James, as he led the FBS with runs for more than twenty yards. Pryor is going to get eaten alive. He’s too stupid to read any of the blitz packages, or coverages we’ll have for him.

  9. Damn, that is terrible music. I’m pretty sure whoever put that together is from southern Oregon, maybe the Kalamath falls area? One of those places that tried to secede in the ’30s?
    Anyway, don’t let the jerks keep you down! Some of us from Oregon have great taste, even in soccer. Go Liverpool! Take Euorpa!

  10. Jerry, you’re right; thanks for the correction.

  11. Sylvester Yon-Rambo says

    1 oregon team down

    1 to go

    Go Cougars

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