Contest Time! Bowl Pick’em

As bowl season rapidly approaches, we’d love for you to join those of us here at Men of the Scarlet and Gray for a Bowl Pick’em contest. We’ve done NCAA Tournament Pick’ems in the past, but this is our first Bowl Pick’em. We all think know we’re smarter than Jesse Palmer or Mark May, so we might as well prove it. We’ll have some good clean fun and maybe someone will walk away with a pretty cool little prize.

Bowl season starts early, with the games starting on the 19th, so we’re on a short fuse. See the whole Bowl schedule here.

We will be using Yahoo’s Fantasy Sports to facilitate the contest, so you’ll need a Yahoo account if you’re interested in participating. If you want to join in the madness, leave us a comment here, send an email to or contact us directly.

The winner will win a football signed by the 2003 Ohio State football team. Imagine that! Favorites like Hawk, Schlegel, Holmes and others can be found on this beauty.

(click to enlarge for detail)

This could be ALL yours. Just flex your prognosticatorus muscle and show us how it’s done.


  1. Jordan Taylor says

    Yes please

  2. I’m in. Not sure if I’m smarter than Palmer/May, but my A–hole Factor is probably lower. And, yes, I use “Click to enlarge” line on my wife quite a bit…

  3. Sylvester Yon-Rambo says

    Im in like flynn

  4. Bacon Ninja says

    Sign me up.

  5. Por Favor…

  6. I’d love an invite.


  7. Sign me up!

  8. TotalDuck1950 says

    Greetings Buckeyes….I have four tickets on the 10 yards line…row 40. They are in Buckeye territory. I am looking for a Buckeye fan with four similar tickets in the Duck sections. I would like to trade tickets so we can both enjoy the friendly confines of our own fans……write me at: russ at addirector dot com.

  9. el kaiser; did you get the invitations out? group? password?


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