Bowl Selection Open Thread

FootballI know the Buckeyes have known their fate for a couple weeks now, but there are still a few unknowns left to find out. Unfortunately, ESPN has a monopoly on the suspense, so we have to sit throw their broadcast of terribleness to find out the fun stuff.

Discuss what you think of the match-ups, who you think should be playing Alabama in the championship and how wonderful it was to see the sweet, bitter tears of the Tebow-child.


  1. After seeing the ref’s give Texas the win over Nebraska, I would have loved to see TCU play Alabama and get their asses handed to them. The arrogance of both TCU and Boise State is unbearable. A few of the TCU players came out and said that they could play in any of the big conferences (SEC, B10, B12) and end up 1 or 2 every year.

  2. Frank Ruiz says

    @ Mark
    TCU is a heck of a team, would like to see them schedule a major B12 team. They probably could rank top three in the B10 these past few years, the B12 maybe 3rd or 4th, probably not in the SEC they’d be like be no better than 5th or 6th. Ya hate to think Boise State could beat the Buckeye’s but they did beat Oregon for the 2nd straight year so ya have to guess they are probably better than Big 10 teams but having said that I’d like to see Tressel come up with a big Rose Bowl win however unlikely. He’s so due for a bowl win.

  3. USCBuckeyeFan says

    I agree with Mark. Texas should not be in the national championship. They have skated out of too many games this year. I would have loved to watch Ingram run over TCU. Let’s see Boise State in the PAC10 please.

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