Bucks win! Bucks win! BUCKS WIN!

Okay, so maybe I may have overstated it, but the Buckeyes WIN! Six in a row, third full class of Michigan seniors that fail to notch a victory against the Buckeyes. That’s gotta smart.


It was obvious early on that Michigan was committed to stop the OSU run game (or conversely, to force Pryor to pass) and OSU came out early in a lot of pro sets. The early offensive game plan was to air it out, surprisingly, but it didn’t work out perfectly. Credit the offensive coaches to change up the formations back to a shotgun spread look, that forced Michigan out of stacking against the run. If you can put 250+ yards on the ground, you’re going to be in a good position to win.

More credit where credit is due: the red zone screen play. Whether it was the planned call or not, it still was executed perfectly at precisely the right time. Terrelle has been managing the game well, and plays like that are a good example of his growth.

Huge credit needs to be given to the offensive line for another good performance. We’ve been critical of the unit for 2+ years, but this unit has really grown the last five games. Brewster has been very good, Browning and Cordle are actually getting big pushes and Adams and Shugarts have been getting the job done. This was the line we had been hoping for when the Brew Crew came together, and now they are reaping the fruits of their recruiting labors.

Boom Herron and Brandon Saine are also becoming a strong one-two punch. We’re huge fans of Saine around these parts (read: me) but we have much love for Boom. He runs bigger than he is, and his production hasn’t been huge lately, but he played great today. Good to see.

And of course: The Defense. We haven’t bolded them lately, but five turnovers, one for a TD and the bend-not-break mentality has paid off once again. Michigan couldn’t establish a running game with spelled DOOM for their passing game. It seemed like Doug Worthington and Brian Rolle were everywhere, and of course one Hurt Coleman seemed to be the recipient of some ill-advised QB Force throws. As was Thaddeus Maximus.

A huge congratulations to the Buckeyes for earning the OUTRIGHT Big Ten Championship and a trip to the Rose Bowl.

It’s good to be a Buckeye.


  1. any WIN! at the Big House is heavenly having suffered those Cooper years, have to go back to rushing the field after Earle’s last game to recall a sweeter moment there. With the crowd so scarlet, the O-H-I-O chant rounding the stadium at least 4 X till UM fans struggled to boo it down… strange but ridiculously cool on a sunny afternoon in Ann Arbor.


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