Michigan already running its mouth

OSU FootballIn heavy rotation on Columbus sports talk radio, this sound byte from UM center David Mooseman*:

“There’s no one on that [Buckeye] defense that’s that special or better than anyone else.”

Worthington: “Moosebrains said what?!?”

Uh… hey, David: Remember what happened to the last UM player who said the exact same thing? Have fun apologizing to your hospitalized quarterback, dude.

Meanwhile, UM fans who lack reading comprehension skills and a sense of humor are so desperate for bulletin board material that they are questioning the legitimacy of Mandel’s obviously fake quote.

*At the time of this posting, a brief scan of the interwebs has failed to produce the source of Mooseman’s quote. Chime in with a link when it hits.


  1. I think the quote was from a radio broadcast…

  2. No way The Vest said that! Fake all the way…

  3. “Michigan already running it’s mouth”

    As long as we keep them from running the ball, let them.

    Question; speaking of mouth running, will Mike Hart be honorary captain for Michican’t this week?

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