Something is disgusting, that’s for sure.

Gregg Doyel says Everybody a loser in Ohio State’s disgusting ‘victory’.

At this point, I don’t have the mental or physical energy to rip this piece of written fecal matter to shreds. Maybe later. Maybe someone else will do a better job than I would. But I will remind you, Mr. Doyel (can I call you that, Greg with two g’s?), of one thing. Those “quitters” as you referred to them as, are kids playing amateur sports for your enjoyment and entertainment. They owe you NOTHING in terms of their effort or lack there of. To call them quitters is weak-minded and ultimately mean-spirited. Maybe you’ll think twice before you sling words like “disgusting” and “quitters” at a bunch of kids doing their best.

I think Doug Worthington and Austin Spitler might have a beef with you calling them quitters.

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  1. Gregg Doyel is a hack. Common knowledge. Whether it’s writing articles about Penn State where he pretends “Joe Paterno is very old” is a witty statement, or writing this linked crap, or bashing Iowa for playing “boring”, he proves himself to just be another hack paid to stir up opinions and traffic.

  2. Doyle is off about the players quitting, but he’s spot-on about Tressel’s wishy-washiness. Tressel played scared, and for the first time in years, I feel that the team won in SPITE of him rather than because of him.

    The only reason it ended up being a game was because of the Vest’s refusal to let the best player on the team (Pryor) fall forward to get a first down when the Bucks only needed three inches. This was after the defense came up big with an INT, and Tressel’s refusal completely ruined his team’s momentum and gave a victory to Iowa (who promptly used it to go and score a tying TD).

    Tressel’s decisions did nothing but tell his offense that he didn’t trust them. It was almost like he was punishing them for having the audacity to score 24 points.

    I’m of course happy with the win, but not delusional enough to recognize that a lot of what Doyle said (about Tressel) is true. He coached a disgusting game tonight.

  3. imagine waking up to your small town paper’s headline…


    Tresselball is just not the entertainment people want …and so they boo now

  4. @A PSU fan – I usually don’t read Doyel stuff, so I’m not aware of his hackness. I’ll take your word for it, I’d rather not read more of dreck like that.

    @sM – I meant to mention that I am okay with his criticism of Tressel. I think that’s reasonable. But his jabs at the players is weaksauce.

    @jimmy – I thought I saw that on the ticker on ESPN. Great minds must think alike.

  5. Doyel is a Gator alum who has never played football.

    Please disregard his words…they are meaningless.

  6. I saw this article and thought sounded like it may have been written before the game even started, then had a quick edit job done to it after the Buckeyes won.

    This piece was baseless. The telling sign of not-quitting was one of the highlights of this season, Pryor motioning to the sidelines that he wanted to go for it on 4th down, that took heart when he knew that there was no way Tressel was going to go for that. He probably got a stern talking to after the game for that, like back-talking your dad in public.

    This was classic Buckeye football, grinding out wins, keeping us on the edge of our seats. This wasn’t Florida playing Charleston Southern, this was Ohio State – Iowa.

    Great game.

  7. He doesn’t claim the players quit, he claims Tressel quit by not trying to score with 2.5 minutes left and timeouts in the bag. That’s not too differnt from what I’ve been hearing on the radio and reading in blogs.

  8. sportsmonkey…you sound like an absolute idiot. Tressels gameplan got us to 24-10 and it took a series of strange events and great luck to get that game tied. They actually had a good plan but your to stupid to see it. Iowa played their safties back the whole game inviting Pryor to make a mistake. By running the ball, using the wildcat, and short controlled passes, OSU had the game under control. Both coaches when the game got tied decided to play mistake free ball. If a play happens, it happens. If not, win in over time. And go for it on 3rd and inches from OSU’S own 30??. If they failed and Iowa had won, you’d be livid.OSU actually had Iowa well scouted and had a good plan. They don’t get the runback and we win big. Yes, I thought he should have been more aggresive on Iowa’s 45 yard line…but the run was working,

  9. @Jay – he said, and I quote “Ohio State quit, and I’m disgusted by it.” I’m not sure how else that can be interpreted.

    @maclaren – I have approved this one comment rom you. You make points, but your unnecessary name-calling, however, will not tolerated. This is your warning.

  10. Maclaren – I don’t have a problem with the gameplan, or the playcalling outside of three drives. Iowa was giving up the run, and Tressel worked it exactly as he should have (how any coach in Div-I-A should).

    But the fact remains that Tressel deliberately refused to put Iowa away, even though he had several opportunities to do so, and the only explanation is that he didn’t trust his offense. Has nothing to do with ‘tresselball,’ which people mistakenly use as a synonym for ‘conservative.’. Tresselball isn’t conservative as an abject rule, it’s playing it safe and then pouncing on a team when they give you an opening & make mistakes. That’s what he did during the “glory years” of Tresselball, from 2002-2006.

    But Sat there were two or three times when Iowa screwed up and gave him a golden opportunity, and he refused to take it, in hopes that his defense would bring in the winning score. I felt bad for the offense, is all. Those players want to be trusted, to be let loose, to seize and keep momentum against a truly great opponent. Tressel played scared.

  11. @ Kaiser- You would have the players go out and call their own plays, instead of running “Dave” for the thirtieth time? Running the plays coaches send in isn’t quitting.

    For better and worse, when it comes to football, Tressel is Ohio State and Ohio State is Tressel.

  12. Vandenberg would have obtained legendary status for an amazing freshman performance if Stross hadn’t dropped those passes. Stross was truly upset even apologizing to fans on his facebook site for losing the game for the Hawkeye’s.
    sportsMonkey has good points regarding the shell Tressel has crawled into since 2006. TP’s certainly got a tight leash around his neck but wonder if JT is saving some razzle dazzle for the skunkbears, that would be typical.

  13. Here’s something else to keep in mind — the Vest has significantly cut back the number of long pass plays from the game plan since Purdue. They’ve put Pryor on a leash, I think, to keep him from getting panicked and turning the ball over — so, an already conservative game plan has become MORE conservative.

    Not exciting, not at all. Maybe, IF the kid settles down, we’ll see the offense opened back up. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be too surprised to see them play this week and in the bowl game much the same way.

  14. Miller—Actually, since the Purdue game…Pryor has continued going deep with the exception of one game: Iowa.

    Minnesota: 2 long td’s to Posey.

    NMSU: Pryor went deep on the very first play of the game and took at least 3 other shots deep in that game.

    Penn State: Went deep to Posey for a long TD and before the half nearly hit Sanz on a long TD.

    Iowa: He looked deep 2-3 times that I could remember on PA and checked down. Iowa was had 2 safeties playing cover 2 about 18-20 yards deep every play.

    It’s funny that Pryor’s play, along with the RB’s good play sorta coincides with the good OL play…connection?


    Jimmy J—legends aren’t made in the 1st quarter of games…but when it mattered most. When it mattered most…Vandenburg’s hot mom watched him throw an incompletion, get sacked and throw a pick in overtime.

    Lets hold off on making him a legend…or even talking about it for that matter.

  15. @Johnny

    Overtime wouldn’t have happened if Stross had kept Iowa in the lead and he could have, that was the point. The whole complexion of the game would have changed if the Buck’s had been forced to air it out playing catch up. With the Hawkeye’s effectively dropping their linebackers & playing safeties deep that would have been difficult. Hats off to the staff for the crossing patterns and an OL that opened up lanes. JT took what was given but it was intriguing to me how a couple dropped passes changed everything. I know… you can say that about most games.

  16. So down 7-0 instead of 3-0, Ohio State would have shed their running game to play into Iowa’s strength on defense?

    Being down 7-0 in the first quarter is hardly panic time.

    I absolutely HATE revisionist history. The fact is…he DID drop the balls…

    What if:

    1. Williams didn’t jump offside?
    2. Chekwa didn’t drop the INT?
    3. Iowa wasn’t playing their safeties deep?
    4. Iowa was really the 1985 Bears?
    5. Chris Wells was still a Buckeye?
    6. Sanzenbacher doesn’t drop the 3rd down pass from Pryor in the 1st quarter?

    You can play “what if” all day long…it doesn’t change what happened and never will.

  17. @johnny

    It’s not too far fetched that the Hawkeye’s could have been up 21-10 with 11+ minutes left in the 3rd if Stross hadn’t had the worst game of his life. Three separate drives three easily catchable passes right on the numbers that simply bounced off his chest thrown by another freshman QB giving the Buckeye fits at the Shoe.
    But I know this revisionist talk is giving you more nightmares than TP in handcuffs so I’ll shut up.

  18. —Jimmy J—

    It is very far fetched…

    Why you ask?

    Because the Hawkeyes WEREN’T up 21-10 with 11+ minutes in the 3rd and Stross DID drop those passes.

    It’s about as far fetched as it gets. You could play that game with literally ever single play in every single game. It will never change the outcome.

    Vandenberg threw for two short td’s and was picked off 3 times. Now I thought Vandenberg played well, but to talk about him being some sort of legend…well…that’s just silly.

    You can “what if” yourself all you want…Ohio State beat Iowa and is going to the Rose Bowl after winning their 5th straight Big Ten title. Ohio State has back to back “big wins” and is in the driver’s seat for an outright Big Ten title.

    I don’t understand the Pryor handcuffs comment. Care to expound?

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