Source of Terrelle Pryor’s Improvement Discovered

hoyt_shermanArt professor Hoyt Sherman works with Pandel Savic to improve the Buckeye quarterback’s accuracy.

From the Nov/Dec 09 Ohio State Alumni Magazine:

“Sherman conducted classes for the passers and receivers designed to increase their field of vision and sharpen accuracy.

The players would sit in darkness while an abstract figure was flashed on a screen, then copy the figure from memory.

Next they took their improved perception to the practice field. Quarterback Pandel Savic was outfitted with a visor that Sherman would raise for a second to allow Savic identify his receiver, then lower, forcing him to throw blind.

The exercises dramatically improved the Buckeye’s percentage of completed passes during the season.”

An Art Professor working with the football team? What would Woody say about that?

Maybe Siciliano could learn a thing or two.


  1. Is Hoyt Sherman still around?

  2. I don’t know, but if he is, we need to get our hands on one of these helmets.

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