Gameday Open Thread and Live in-game Chat

FootballOSU FootballAnother day of that sweet, beautiful game. Drop any comments, thoughts and gripes in the comments.

After a half of play in the books for the early games, I’m rather interested how Houdini Iowa is getting out of this one. Seriously though, will anyone notice if Stanzi is on the sidelines? Vandberg (Stanzi’s backup) came in and promptly picked up where Stanzi left off, throwing the ball to the wrong team.

Okay, people, it’s time to stop comparing the 2009 Hawkeyes to the 2002 Buckeyes. One of those team had a competent quarterback. And the other team are the Hawkeyes.

The OSU/PSU in-game chat will be after the jump.

Please note: If you plan on joining the chat, please use your Facebook/MySpace/Twitter account to log in. The service only allows 25 unmoderated users a week, but those logins don’t count towards the 25.


  1. I think we should say today was a shut out. I’m not sure how Penn State’s touchdown wasn’t overturned but a great showing by the OSU Team

  2. @Jay – absolutely agree. That was weak coaching in that moment. Should have burned a TO and challenge the call. It may not have been overturned, but you’re setting a tone for the rest of the game. What’s one time out in the first half?

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