New uniforms revealed early?

11W has a pic of the throwback uniforms announced earlier (and were supposed to be unveiled next week). No confirmation, but looks about right to me.

I am personally excited about these new unis. I love the idea of the throwback, and I love old Buckeye uniforms. I am not, however, impressed with the Athletic Department’s ability to keep these things a secret until the “big reveal.” We’re living in the internet age, people. There are no secrets…


  1. What a splendid day! Buckeyes put it to PSU, Michigan loses (again), Navy sinks ND (our Navy game doesn’t look so bad now, does it?) and a Stanzi-less Iowa looks very vulnerable.

  2. @Ken – I agree with all your statements except the Stanzi-less Iowa one. I didn’t notice a difference when Vandenberg came in. I do, however, think Iowa is looking very beatable.

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