The Chosen One vs. The Blessed One

Some food (engineers and smart people like you can subsist for months on pure data) for thought:

Quarterback Comparison
Rushing Yards
Passing Yards
Completion %
Tim Tebow 66.6 ypg (6 TDs) 166 ypg (8 TDs) 63.6%
Terrelle Pryor 58.9 ypg (5 TDs) 176 ypg (12 TDs) 55.4%

Well, that’s rather interesting, no? (via Lori Schmidt)

Tebow does lead the world in other statistical categories, like miracles wrought and leprosies healed.

For what that’s worth.

We’ve got a more detailed look at Pryor’s progression coming soon.


  1. Um….what about turnovers?

  2. You did see Tebow’s 2 pick-sixes Saturday, right?

    Yes, Tebow has less turnovers. Pryor’s attempted 50 more passes. I don’t have fumble stats readily available but they are probably not flattering from Terrelle’s point of view.

  3. Yeah, but Tebow also leads in circumcisions performed as well. That’s a huge yet often overlooked stat.

  4. The fact is, the media is in love with Tebow, who is having an average year.

    Pryor has similar numbers and the media is all over him.

    Look at McCoys numbers vs Pryors as well. Interesting stuff.

  5. The question is should Tebow get blasted like Pryor, or should Pryor be praised as much as Tebow?

  6. Wouldn’t be surprised if Tebow finds it within himself to pull it together in the coming big games and lead the Gators to another NC. So far he’s excaped defeat so hardly the reason to get blasted.
    On the other hand we have Pryor a young player that should have been redshirted to learn the basics getting scrutinized at a position he doesn’t even have the skills to play. Contact shy, staring down recievers, forcing throws into coverage, the list is long. A great athlete but not a great QB defined by ball distribution and game management. This is more a story of substandard offensive coaching and player development. Two years of failed QB/OL recuiting and kids that shouldn’t be seeing playing time right now.

  7. only a buckeye homer could look at the overall stats of these 2 guys and say, there close.

    if Pryor had Tebow’s stats rates he would have thrown
    1 less td
    3-4 fewer INTs
    had 4 fewer fumbles
    and completed 17 more passes than he has
    and he would have thrown for 210 more yards

    that’s not trivial, thats significant,,hence why tebow,,,not even counting the fumbles issue has a qb rating that ranks him 14th in the nation while Pryor is 54th.

  8. Jimmy,

    Is Joe Bauserman better than Terrelle Pryor?

  9. @Kade
    just my opinion but JB left highschool a more polished QB than TP will ever graduate OSU as, I see him more as a Krenzel-like QB, we’ll never know but I suspect if he had started from day one we’d have a better possibility of being undefeated, but does he even get snaps from Brewster in practice, I hear not. Consider this, it’s obvious that the offensive coaching staff cannot build a unit to any level of efficiency, or execution in over several years now, what would make you think they knew who the right players were? One fluke NC year with Cooper’s players and some sunshine moments with Troy who made a career out of broken plays doesn’t satisfy the broader reality that our offense fails.

  10. “…and some sunshine moments with Troy who made a career out of broken plays…”

    Possibly the dumbest quote about Tressel and Troy Smith ever written.

  11. Jimmy,

    Let me be as clear as I possibly can.

    Joe Bauserman is not better than Terrelle Pryor. Not now, not after leaving high school…not ever.

    There is not a single person that I know whose opinion I value that believes Joe Bauserman should be starting over Terrelle Pryor.

    Both games that OSU lost, especially the Purdue game was a direct result of the young offensive line playing terrible football. Certainly Pryor didn’t help things by making 2 bad decisions;

    1. Locking onto Posey for his 2nd pick…which was a great play by the DB.
    2. Throwing deep to Carter, instead of running.

    What would make me think they know who the right players are? Jim Tressel has 5 National Championship wins to his credit. Between you and Jim Tressel, I’ll defer to Jim Tressel.

    So the 2002 title season was a fluke? Jim…you can’t go 14-0 and beat the best team in the nation via a fluke. Yikes!

    Based on your Troy Smith statement, I’m guessing you are not a fan of his either. Troy Smith’s senior year had nothing to do with him making plays on the run. Smith turned into a pocket passer that was deadly efficient.

    I will however agree with you when you say the offense in general isn’t a good as it should be. And guess what? That is being addressed and has been since the USC game.

    Do you know what changes have been made? I do.

  12. @Kade

    /Slow clap

    Couldn’t agree more, Kade.

  13. changes? LOL lets see Total offense 91st
    Scoring offense 57th
    Passing offense 101st
    Pass efficiency 68th
    Rush offense 48th
    and you say changes have been made, in the words of Posey “can’t get much worse” horrid pass routes, progressions, situational play calls all hallmarks of Tressel’s offenses his entire tenure and this with the luxury of several top 5 recruit classes that seem to regress. With the monopoly on instate recruting can’t we agree it’s inherent that at OSU you’ll be judged by only those few games each year when we face teams of equal talent?

  14. Correct. Changes have been made.

    Do you know what they are?

    Do you know when they occured?

    We will see what these changes mean vs teams like PSU, Iowa and UM.

    These are MASSIVE changes that I thought would never be made under Tressel.

    By the way, under Joe Bauserman the offensive rankings you list would be far worse. This is not a guess.

    1. Bauserman is not nearly as accurate as Pryor. This is based on factual data and the eyeball test.

    2. Would Bauserman have the ability to run for 100 yards in any given game? No.

    3. Would Bauserman be able to scramble out of the countless amount of blown assignments committed in pass protection by the OLine, TE’s and RB’s? No.


    With that said, the OSU coaching staff is in the process of changing things for the better.

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