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2012 Heisman Hopeful?

One game does not cure what ails this football team, nor does it answer every question we had going into this week’s game. Minnesota’s defense was one of the more terrible defenses (on paper and on the field) in the Big Ten.

That qualifier being said, this was a pretty solid win. Miscues in the first half had most Buckeye fans still feeling like we were stuck in neutral, but the second half put those thoughts to rest. The offense looked fluid, we were moving the ball on the ground and through the air and Jermil Martin was a revelation. So yeah, the positives outweighed the negatives. 509 yards of offense and only giving up 286 yards on defense will do that for you.

We’ll have a more thorough look back at the game shortly (brought to you by the newest member of the MotSaG team) but for now, we’ll hope whatever ails Brandon Saine is short-lived and we’ll enjoy the victory.


  1. Sylvester Yon-Rambo says

    I think you know how I think Jordan Hall needs more playing time. I sure hope Hall and Martin get all the carries this week against NMSU. In the end I think both of them have huge star potential. Herrons career is all but over he is the new Maurice Wells. Saine is inconsistant at best. I know we wont see hall or martin in the big games but let them loose this weekend PLEASE.

  2. I totally agree Sylvester. It’s always good to develop depth and talent at Runningback, and this is a chance to do it. I still cringe to think about how Beanie got injured before the USC game in garbage time against a garbage team. Let’s not repeat that mistake!!!

    My biggest hope though is Terrelle Pryor keeps making good decisions.

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