Gameday Open Thread

FootballWe’ll have the live game chat after the jump when the game starts, but feel free to use drop us your thoughts on this wonderful day of college football.


  1. anyone else smell an upset? Buckeye offense stalling & Purdue finding defensive holes, playing smart football.

  2. I just don’t know what else to say.

  3. Just say you knew sooner or later Tressel’s luck would run out, talent only gets you so far, you have to wonder what these guys do at practice, how can a big time college program just be run so shoddy? I just had that feeling in the opening minutes something smelt foul today.

  4. jimmy – something is certainly stinking. 7 minutes to go, let’s hope it’s not OSU’s D

  5. Thank goodness for broken plays, maybe the Bucks can pull it out. If talent alone can win, there’s a chance yet.

  6. Turnovers and penalties; hallmarks of a poorly coached team.

  7. @ken – penalties did hurt, but the number of non-calls that didn’t go against OSU was pretty bad. This was a one-side refereed game.

    But the turnovers were unexcusable.

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