We are living in a Bizarro World

Ray Small

What a game of football. In a game where defense and special teams almost outgains (but outscores) the offense, a game where the offense runs three plays in the third quarter but the team outscores the opposition 14-3, you wouldn’t think things would go your way. But this is a team sport and we’ll take a win however we get it.

The Defense (now capitalized and bolded) was AWESOME. The fact that they had to play better part of thirteen minutes in the third quarter and still only gave up three points cannot go unstated. This unit is golden

The offense? I have a pessimistic view of the offense and a somewhat more optimistic view. For now, I’ll just say that things did not look very promising out there today.

An ugly win like this probably won’t win over any voters, but was still impressive how it happened.


  1. The beautiful thing is that not a lot of voters will have seen the full context of the game. They’ll see we had some strong defense and we beat a 5-0 team by 18 points.

    Of course, The Lame Dealer’s AP vote was in the house and despite having predicted a Wisky upset, he’ll still vote us in the 15-20 range.

  2. I actually think that this game will impress voters, mostly because I think most voters only look at the scores of games, and 31-13 over previously undefeated Wisconsin is a pretty big win….but, I tend to have a pessimistic view towards the voters in general, so you may be right.

  3. flipbuckeye says

    Nope, ESPN will be sure to let the world know that it was an ugly win for OSU. And that OSU’s defense wasn’t that good, but that Wisky’s offense was just bad.

  4. None of these games mean anything, OSU has a zero offense and they’ll lose every time they play a team of equal talent with a decent coaching staff. Even if they get into a BCS matchup which is doubtful it won’t matter. It’s so obvious most of their offensive yardage comes on botched plays where their inherent superior athletic advantage enables them to beat up on Big Ten teams. It sure as heck ain’t JT with any resembles of a offensive juggernaut.

  5. Johnny K…

    Shouldn’t you be busy trying to “sweep the leg?”

    Could you please tell me what Ohio State runs offensively? Try doing so without googling.

    My guess is you have absolutely no idea what they are running and what they are trying to do.

    You also most likely have no idea what Wisconsin did to take away what OSU has had success with before the Wisconsin game.

    With that said, you also have not a clue what OSU countered Wisconsin with to score before the half and kick of field goal the next time they got the ball.

    After that, OSU was up by 18 points against an undefeated Big Ten team. No reason to press the issue.

    Ohio State SHOULD beat every team they face this year…and it shouldn’t be close…just like the Wisconsin game.

  6. OK Kade what did Ohio State do differently at the end of the first half and the first time they had the ball in the second half??

  7. I’m an OSU fan from Alabama…born in Columbus… moved to Alabama in the late 60’s to work in broadcasting. I’m now retired.
    I have watched a lot of Buckeye games, and have to admit that Pryor is NOT improving, contrary to a lot of TV analysts. He is not doing anything with authority and confidence. His offensive line, I’m sure, is part of the offensive struggles. But Pryor needs to be a player. There a bunch of other freshmen-sophomore quarterbacks out there who are playing way above Pryor’s level.
    I think the Bucks should move Pryor to WR or TE and bring in another QB.

  8. Bob-

    The first question is what Wisconsin did to slow down the OSU offense, which has been having success.

    Wisconsin came into the game playing a defense they have never played before…a variation of a 4-4 stack. They assigned two players to defend the “keep” on the zone read option. Every time Pryor kept the ball after faking to the RB, he had 2 Wisconsin defenders in his face and nowhere to go.

    The zone read offense, which Ohio State has been running starting with the Toledo game and exlusively in the Illinois game was completely shut down by Wisky…until OSU got the ball with around 2 minutes to go in the 2nd quarter.

    They went back to the speed option and attacked the corners…to the wide side of the field…that play had success early in the 1st quarter and Pryor broke a big one. They also opened up the verticle passing game and Pryor looked sharp, connecting on 3 key passes including a perfectly thrown ball in Posey to kill Wisconsins momentum.

    OSU is playing to Pryors strenths by implementing the spread zone read offense, however it is still in it’s early stages of progression.

    Starting out, Pryor did not have the option to read the play and decide to keep. It was either a called keep or called handoff.

    He now has the green light to read the play.

    Soon he will have a third option or triple option…either a motioning WR or another RB with become a pitch man.

    These things take time. The offense has done well with the exceptiong of the Wisconsin game, but keep in mind that when they REALLY needed the score…they marched down the field and got points.

    This is a brand new offense. OSU went from running an I formation/pro style attack to an all out zone read option attack.

    OSU has three games to get good at running this thing before they run into PSU, Iowa and UM.

    PS. Ohio State only had the ball for just over a quarter of the game…and didn’t touch the ball offensively until 1:30 remaining in the 3rd quarter…thanks to the defense and special teams.

  9. Here is my take on Pryor’s game vs. Wisconsin:

    He started out slowly, but that wasn’t entirely his fault.

    1st 7 passes:

    1-7 10 yards and an INT.

    His next and last 6 passes:

    4/6 77 yards and a TD.

    Of the 8 passes that were incompletions, 5 were drops….5!

    I counted two awful throws in all. Most of his other throws were on the money and very catchable.

    Pryor IS the quarterback of this team and will be for the next 2.5 years. Get over it. He IS definately getting better each and every game.

    Terrelle Pryor will not be switched to TE or WR…at least not at OSU. He is leading the 7th best team in the country right now and doing a good job of it.

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