Gameday Open Thread

FootballWe’ll have the live game chat after the jump when the game starts, but feel free to use drop us your thoughts on this wonderful day of college football.

After an hour of watching, I will say this: Illinois is bad. This Illinois/MSU game is not looking good for The Zookers.

I haven’t been participating in the live chat because I’m getting a little frustrated with the way our offense is playing. They have slightly redeemed themselves after that pass from Pryor, but they better come out swinging in the second half.

Thank the maker for this defense.

Phew. Glad that’s over. Now I can enjoy the rest of the night’s games.

I must say, I don’t think I can get enough of Tebow’s head slamming in to the ground. Clearly this is something we’re going to see over and over.

And, I know it has another half to go, but McCoy is letting the Heisman slip through his fingers.


  1. An OSU fan here in SEC country. All I have to say is Georgia sucks, because UT sucks and they’re killing Georgia. Down year for SEC. LSU is a fraud and Alabama is not as good as people think.

    How hypocritical of me when the Big Ten sucks again… Oh well.

  2. @rogersworthe – I think a recalibration is going on with expectations, everyone is a little down this year.

    But yeah, the SEC sucks 🙂

  3. I am a strong believer that a win is a win….

    We didnt play well on offense but that is why this is a team game. Defense and heaven forbid Ray Small made up for a bad offensive day.

    having said that I am still unsure how good this team is overall. But I will take the win and be happy lol.

  4. @SYR – I agree, this is a team game, and every once and a while, the defense has to win a game. Clearly today was that game.

  5. Yikes. I’m almost wishing Pryor had chosen another school. What is it like 16 starts under his belt now and he still looks as green as he did on day one. Yes he makes plays with his feet, but that will only get you so far (see Vick, Michael).

    I see the Bucks dropping their last three if Pryor doesn’t learn to read defenses, look off receivers and protect the ball. He’s on his way to becoming the biggest bust since Justin Zwick.

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