Week #3: Toledo – Open Thread

OSU FootballThe first Ohio State game I attended was the ’91 OSU/Northwestern game at Municipal Stadium. The Buckeyes won 34-3. I don’t remember very much from that game, other than the fact that I was finally seeing the Buckeyes in real life, for the first time, with my Dad. It was a pretty great day. I do seem to remember Carlos Snow running people over, but it’s mostly fuzzy past that.

Tomorrow’s game should see a healthy dose of OSU fans mingle with the faithful Toledo fans in Browns Stadium. It’s got to be fun for our Cleveland boys to play in front of their home town.

For some previews, a trip around the Buckeye Web will give you an idea of what to look for. Head on over to Block O Nation or We Will Always Have Tempe for some reading. Buckeye Planet has your data covered. ESPN has a preview for your consumption as well.. The game will be on ESPN+, broadcast locally on WSYX-6. Not local? You can check broadcast information here to see if you’ll be getting the game.

I don’t think I have a whole heck of a lot to say about this game. I’m pretty sure we should win going away. I don’t think we’re looking at a blow-out, but it shouldn’t be in doubt at any point. Hopefully it will be a chance for the team to lick their wounds, regain confidence on offense and take out some frustrations. Remember what happened to Iowa after MSU upset the ’98 Buckeyes? It wasn’t pretty.

Don’t look for a big scoring outburst this week. Toledo isn’t going to roll over and play dead, and Jim Tressel isn’t going to start calling exotic plays because the outcry against his conservative game plan has become deafening. He’s going to do what Jim Tressel does: play fundamental football with a flash or two here. It’s going to be up to the players to take vanilla play calling and turn them in to big gains.

I’m just looking forward to a well played, hard fought effort. Let’s see Pryor get some work into throwing the ball to someone other than Posey and look to run. Some zone option reads and some 5 WR sets. I’m not worried about the defense, but Toledo has been putting up some points, so it will be nice to see them shut down the Rockets on multiple occasions.

Other than that, let’s get tuned up for a good football game. What are you looking to see?

So predictions (nothing but bragging rights is up for grabs this weekend):
Final Score?
Surprise back-up? (Assuming we’re comfortably in the lead in the third quarter)
Total yards from Terrelle Pryor?

el Kaiser’s predictions
Final Score: 34-3 (in honor of the last game in Cleveland)
Surprise back-up: Lamaar Thomas.
Totaly yards from TP: 275 (110 rushing, 165 passing)


  1. Until I see the offense explode…I won’t and don’t believe it will.

    The offense doesn’t have an identity and it should…PRYOR.


    OSU: 37
    Toledo: 20

    Pryor Total Yards: 250(175 passing/75 rushing) another ho-hum performance.

    Breakout Backup: Brandon Saine-This kid is better than Boom and this is the game that gets him more playing time.

  2. OSU: 28
    UT: 3

    Pryor’s yardage: 117 passing, 56 running

    Surprise back-up: I say they send out the tuba player in garbage time.

    OSU plays great defense and the offense puts a few tds up on the board against an OK MAC squad.

  3. As a Rocket fan I feel like the recipient of a Mike Tysonesque upper cut to the scrotum. How the defense couldn’t stop a half-way retarted Buckeye offense is beyond comprehention.


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