Don’t read this.

OSU FootballKeeping with my attempts to keep things positive, I’m going to urge you to not read this, because it contains quotes like this:

There’s no sugar-coating this: Jim Tressel and his staff were outcoached against Southern Cal and Pete Carroll, . Again. Particularly on offense, Ohio State’s gameplan against the Trojans was utter rubbish, and it failed to meet the number one requirement of every gameplan: put your players in position to succeed.

Deconstructing: The grisly demise of ‘Tressel Ball’



  1. Sorry el Kaiser…

    I want the days back where OSU used it’s skill players and a game like this one would have been over in the 3rd quarter. I didnt like losing to UM every year when Cooper was coaching, but this is getting ridiculous. OSU should have been up about 14-20 going into the 4th quarter, which would have never required the need for the defense (which played it’s ass off) to come up with another stand after beating the hell out of USC pretty much the entire game.

    I am not trying to be negative (and it doesnt matter if I am), but there are boosters and peeps in the Athletic Department that are probably just as tired of “close but no cigar” perfrormances like this one that have become all too familiar. I appreciate Tress and what he has done for this program, but I dont want loyalty to allow OSU to turn this into another LLLoyd Carr situation. Tress needs to get his shit together on the offensive side of the ball or bring someone in that will do it for him. I am stating the obvious here…Tress is a great HC, but as an offensive mind…meh…

  2. Actually, I disagree. Read it — everyone. Yes, it hurts (I read it yesterday), but knowledge is power. And everything in that analysis (IMHO) is spot on. Run up the gut, 3 yards and a cloud of dust, just isn’t going to make it in 21st century big-time college football. Don’t get me wrong – I like Tress, and have since he came to tOSU. But he needs to hire an O coordinator who can modernize the offense. Tressel’s playcalling has become way too predictable, and it’s killing us. With the progress RichRod is making, I fear our dominance over TSUN may be waning — and once that happens, the complaints will increase exponentially.

  3. John Moriarty says

    Don’t read that article? How about don’t read your article. That article is 100% RIGHT ON!! Tressel is CLUELESS on offense and he gets outcoached on a regular basis. He wins more often than not b/c OSU has as much or more talent than any team in the country. If Tressel coached at Purdue or Illinois or Indiana or Northwestern his record would be around .500 and none of us would even know his name.

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