Week #2 Open Thread (and USC semi-live blogging)

FootballI meant to post this earlier, but I was struck dumbfounded retroactively after I saw what Sparty did in crapping themselves for a loss to Central Michigan.

But still a ton of good football to watch. I’m currently watching two powerhouses (Michigan and Notre Dame) slap-fight each other for bragging rights. It’s so cute when the little guys think they’re good.

What are you watching?

Update: I won’t be participating in this week’s live-blog/chat that Jeff at the BBC started. I’m expecting company for the game and would rather not be distracted too much by constantly updating everyone with my exceptionally witty comments and deep insights into the game. If you’re interested in joining other Buckeye’s for a live chat, you can go over to Jeff’s site and join in.

I will be checking in periodically here, so feel free to drop in a vent from time to time. I’m sure sportsMonkey and YNBA will be around as well.


OSU 0 USC 7, First Quarter.


Don't Panic

I don’t know how many times I’ll have to post it, but now is not the time to panic.

After further review…


It is a shame to see Taylor Mays hurt, but I can just see the talking heads’ typewriters furiously pounding out excuses for USC

At the half: OSU 10 USC 10

Do you think Mark May is having a heart attack right now? Didn’t he say, a few hours ago, that Ohio State had no chance?

Also, can anyone block Cameron Heyward?

OSU 12 USC 10


OSU 15 USC 18



  1. scUM an nd just finished up. I had scUM in my pool but was hoping they both could lose.

  2. @jeff_tx – it is always a mixed-feelings situation when Notre Dame and Meatchiken hook-up, but from a conference point of view, I’m glad they pulled it off. Now we can stop talking about Notre Dames “resurgence” and live happily that they still stink.

  3. Yeah, come on over everybody!

    Thanks, MotSaG!


  5. A heartbreaking loss. i am still trying to recover from slamming my head agaist the wall as to why Tess wouldn’t run out the half an head in with the lead. And what the hell is with all the delay penalties..son of a bitch

  6. I like the believe but the final score was USC 18 OSU 15 not the way you have it.

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