Can’t win them all…

… but it sure would have been nice to win that one.


  1. Can’t win them all?? are you kidding me? JT can’t win one game against an opposing team of equal physical talent and a decent coaching staff. The most casual observer can clearly see JT is in over his head calling plays in big time college ball. JT enjoyed more than his share of luck early on but at OSU it’s inherent you will be judged on just those games played against a few programs each year and JT has a losing record against those schools and that is with a monopoly of highschool talent coming his way.

  2. It’s sad that when we go into the fourth quarter with a lead i still have absolutely no doubt we will lose. The defense plays their hearts out but the offense can’t get a first down or mix things us when necessary. We dominated early but USC adjusted to us and we did nothing to adjust to them. Look out for Michigan this year. They have quite the blueprint on how to beat OSU.

  3. I’m not going to dwell on one particular play or call, but in general I’m tired of Tressel’s act. I’m ready for him to go.

  4. Slow down, everyone… don’t forget that Tressel is 8-8 against the top 10.

    I’m disappointed too, but if you watch the game again, you’ll see that this one belongs almost solely to Pryor. The D-line couldn’t have done a better job. Herron ran as hard as his 185 lbs would let him. The offensive line played the best game I’ve seen from them in YEARS. And all this proves that the coaches did their jobs.

    All the balls bounced their way. All the calls went their way.

    The difference came down to Pryor. It may be hard to accept, but TP was give chance after chance after chance – and never pulled it off. Mental mistakes, tentative decisions, and panicked play. Yes, he’s still young, but he’s got plenty of experience. What… four, five delay of game penalties in two games? Intentional grounding? Pitching the option in panic-Boeckman-style?

    No question TP has the athleticism. No question he has the desire. Unfortunately, there’s also no question he’ll never be a great QB. A good one, probably. But never great.

    TP has a proven pattern of just plain not being that smart. Speed, skill, and awesome talent can only make a ‘good’ QB. But he has to be smart to be ‘great.’ And TP’s not improving in that area, IMO.

    And that’s okay. He’s a good QB, and the Bucks should have another good season. Let’s hope that they aren’t so disappointed that they mail it in next week. Toledo is a team that could sneak up on them if they show up disinterested.

  5. Does Pryor’s decision-making piss off aOSU fans like it does a non-bucknut like myself?

    He still looks like a Freshman.

  6. suicidal buckeye says

    I beat up my gf, but i still feel bad. that loss hurt. two cases of natty light can’t even dull the pain. we just can’t beat good teams. maybe tressel should quit. we sure made the big ten look sorry today. well, maybe UM will save the day.

    go blue!

  7. It’s very conservative game calling that did us in along with a very poor QB performance, but in defence of TP I Saw several times on 4th and inches he wanted to go for it, TP knew that in order to beat USC risks would have to be taken, Pete Carrol wanted to win more than Tressel did. The last time i recall !! touchdowns = 6 pts, point after 1 or 2 pts. and field goals 3 pts. As long as Tressel has this conservative play calling and no faith in his offensive line, it will be the ole song and dance.

  8. 50%? Is that the best we should expect? Really? 50%?

    I will agree TP paniced in non pressure situations and has execution problems BUT Pryor is not calling the plays. That honor has been held by Tressel for some time. We have seen the innovation of Tress and have been left wanting game after game.

    Cooper had a problem beating UM. Now that we have a few years of success against the blu is that what we should be content with? Hell, we won a National Championship with Coopers recruits.

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