New defensive backfield

OSU FootballLooks like the Buckeyes are retooling the defensive backfield going in to the USC game. Jermale Hines is in as strong safety, Kurt Coleman moves over to free safety and Anderson Russell is the odd man out.

Not really, I guess. The Buckeyes will probably be in a lot of nickel looks and Russell will be in there.

No need to panic, but Holy Moses on a Croissant, shuffling people around makes me nervous.


  1. Pryor on ABC Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight. What an idiot but hilarious, whole nation now thinks the Buckeye leader is a moron in regards to his statements about Michael Vick. What was he thinking? How are we going to root on the Buckeye’s when this goof takes the field at QB without busting a gut?

  2. Wait, what? Pryor was on Kimmel? On the phone or something? I was not aware of this.

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