Apparently hating Ohio State runs in the family

USCIt sounds like Carson’s little brother, Jordan Palmer, has taken up the mantle of bad-mouthing Ohio State and its fans on a local LA sports radio talk-show. If you’ll remember, Carson had some choice words for OSU fans this time last year. This year it’s Jordan’s turn.

I don’t have the exact quote but i did hear the entire clip on 97.1 The Fan this afternoon on the drive home. The gist of the comment was:

I hate Ohio State fans and their stupid Ohio State decals and their dumb state pride and I can’t wait until USC comes in to the ‘Shoe and WE beat the Buckeyes again.

Yes, he did say “we”. For those of you who might remember, Carson Palmer played at USC. Jordan, on the other hand, played at that perennial power house UTEP.

The same Jordan Palmer who received a vote in the Heisman from, you guessed it, his brother.

If anyone has the audio, I’ll be your best friend for life.


  1. Wow…coming from a guy that has a 25.3 career QB rating in the NFL…that means a lot.

    Does he realize that without his brother being on the Bengals he would be a fluffer in a German urination video?

  2. It’s possible he’s trying to forget that 45-13 drubbing in the GMAC Bowl a few years ago at the hands of a lesser Ohio team, the Rockets.

  3. @Kade – I don’t think I want to know what you’re even talking about. Please don’t elaborate. Suffice it to say he’s a nobody without his brother.

    @NMUSpidey – OH SNAP.

  4. At least his brother can play. He’s never going to see the field outside of preseason.

  5. @Steve – at least his brother went to USC.

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