Week #1: OSU vs. Naval Academy Live-ish Blog

We’re trying something new this season for our gameday live blogs. We normally do a somewhat live, but not really live, blog during the games, with the comments open for all who want to join in. This week, we’re trying out the live blogging widget, Cover it Live, with some of our fellow live bloggers. This is a trail run, to see how it goes for the remainder for the season. We’re still leaving the comments open for all to use. Let us know what you prefer. You’ll find the CiL widget below.

Update: Standby, currently struggling with technical difficulties.

Update 2: If we can’t get the widget working, we’ll revert to the open thread format.

Update 3: TA-DA:


  1. Wish I could be there watching it with you! Thinking of you guys!! And GO BUCKS!!

  2. @Larry – it isn’t the same here, either.

  3. Miss the Little Smokies, Corinne intermittently yelling, “O-H,” and Steph falling asleep on the couch…

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