Weekend Madness Open Thread

OSU LogoWe missed yesterday’s (okay, and most of today’s) action, but our Buckeye’s weren’t playing, so WHO CARES? We’ve got a reason to watch and cheer this evening. It’s all been leading up to this moment.

Who cares?

Buckeyes tip off at 9:40.

A couple links for your enjoyment and perusal. First, we recently received a spam comment from Dr. Big Toe. At first I thought this was joke, but maybe the joke was on me?

The talk of whether or not Mullens sticks around another year isn’t dying down. Is this a reason for concern?

OSU 72 Siena 74 (Final, 2 OT)

Once again, if OSU’s big men assert themselves, this should be an easy game. Siena can’t match up.

Cleveland State (my upset special) is up on Wake, by the by.

Are they not allowed to dunk in the MAAC? The number of missed dunks by Siena is embarassing. (OSU 41 Siena 34)

So it comes down to this — 8 seconds, game tied at 56.

And now it’s overtime. (Oh, and Cleveland State is still beating Wake Forest)

Yeah, after that second overtime, I went to bed. No need to dwell on the game last night. We’ll post a wrap up later. Feel free to continue to comment on the weekend of fun, though. At least the Cavs play a couple times this weekend.


  1. they are only showing the mich st. game here… not so bad but the announcers are clearly anti big-ten.

    that being said, the big ten is doing much better than the pundits predicted. lets hope mich and ohio st keep the wins going (i picked florida st so no love for wisconsin).

  2. @lancelott – Sorry to hear you aren’t able to see the Buckeyes, but you aren’t missing much. It’s a fairly sloppy game. Diebler hasn’t hit a shot and it’s a turn over fest. Hopefully they’ll clean up their act before too long.

    Lundquist and Rafferty are calling this game, they’ve been fairly pro-OSU.

  3. terrible…

    we got tired at the end. evan turner looked like he was dragging his way down the court. we should have won in regulation, the ref’s missed a call there.


  4. Pathetic. Worst example of basketball I’ve seen in years. Both teams.

    That ~8 min period in the 1st where the two teams combined for like 7 points was like watching paint dry. And it wasn’t good defense, either – just terrible b-ball.

    Pathetic. Loisville will win by 30.

  5. sportsMonkey, I agree with your assessment. Pretty painful. At least Louisville won’t beat us by 30. And to think that easrlier this afternoon, I was ragging a business associate from IL on how the Illini sucked. This sort of frees up the weekend.

  6. @monkey – Normally, I’d get on your case about being down on the Buckeyes, but I can’t here. That was painful. Not a lot of positives to glean from that game.

    @Ken – it frees up the next 4+ months 🙂 (except for the Cavs)

  7. I am just happy to not have to watch the Louisville game Sunday.
    And Jon Diebler needs an offensive game! Standing outside the three point line all game long doesn’t count in college basketball.

  8. lancelott says

    now that i had a chance to sleep on it, this loss is put in a little more perspective. i talked to my wisconsin and mich. st. friends and we are all happy that we can tell dicky v. and all his friends at espn to shove it.

    on that note, i have family ties with arizona (not arizona st. who we hate) and i was really excited that they won. again, another one the ‘experts’ thought was a bad pick. guess they proved they belong in the tournament.

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