Big Tournament Championship Open Thread (and NCAA updates)

OSU LogoI just realized I didn’t start an open thread for the biggest game of the season thus far. Unlike football, I don’t plan my schedule around basketball games, so while I have been watching the game, posting an open thread slipped my mind.

So far, Buckeyes are doing what they did yesterday against Michigan State — hitting their threes and playing tough defense. They take a five-point lead in to the locker room at half time.

Ohio State: 61 Purdue: 65 (Final)

Well, that didn’t turn out how we’d hoped.

Ohio State was given an 8th seed in the Midwest Bracket, drawing Siena, a team I don’t know a lick about. I know they are our of the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference taking teams such as Marist and Canisius.

Size-wise, it looks like we’ll have a physical advantage with our bigs, but up to this point that really hasn’t been much of an advantage. I’m sure we’ll be reading more about this team as we get closer to game time, but for now, let’s plan on a first round win and second round match-up with Louisville. That should be interesting.


  1. The loss is no big deal. The disconcerting thing is that Purdue exposed OSU’s biggest weakness: PG play. OSU couldn’t get into an offense in the second half…it was dreadful. Hopefully OSU’s first-round opponent will not pick up on this. The unfortunate thing is that, even if the whole team comes back next year, it will still be an Achilles heel.

    Anyway, here’s hoping for a #7 seed and not an 8.

  2. @Greg – Yeah, PG play really comes down to bring up the ball and passing to Turner, which isn’t much play at all.

    And so much for that 7 seed. 🙂

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